Why Turtles and Tortoises Make Good Pets! by Clarice Brough CRS

With few exceptions, Chelonians (Turtles) make harmless and appealing pets. They adapt well in captivity and with proper care can live a long time. They have fewer health problems than the average cat or dog and can be quite lively, colorful, and attractive. They display intelligence, recognizing their keepers and knowing when it’s feeding time. […]

7 Horrific Diseases Your Dog Can Get from Swimming

The temperature is getting higher and the lovely summer days arrive in just a few weeks. The majority of dogs love to beat the heat by getting into the water to refresh themselves while others would swim whenever they get the chance to. However, there are common recreational water sources that include some organisms which can […]

Ways Your Dog Shows You Love BY DR. MARTY BECKER DVM

We know that we love our dogs. Mine are as much real members of the family as my wife and children and my little granddaughter, Reagan. But do they love us back? I think so, and I think they show us that love in ways that are distinctly individual to each dog and person. Gracie, my female […]

Lizard Cages 101 – Tips on Housing a Pet Lizard

Lizards are an incredibly diverse group of animals. In the wild, the live in a wide range of habitats, from the driest deserts to the steamiest rain forests. Some lizards are herbivores, some are omnivores, and some eat only insects. Certain types of lizards can live on fruit flies, while others species like the Komodo […]

Pets Can Be a Prescription for Happier, Healthier Life by Teddi Dineley

We include them in our family portraits, make room for them on our beds, tell them our deepest secrets and miss work when they’re sick. And whether they paw, fly or swim their way into our hearts, pets are an important part of our lives. America is a nation of animal lovers. According to the […]

January & February are Bad Months for Christmas Pets

According to the SPCA and Humane Society, in the next 4-8 weeks, you’ll all be seeing the “We need to re-home our pet…” posts. These are the people who went ahead and purchased puppies & kittens as Christmas gifts who are suddenly allergic, moving, having a baby, don’t have time, their kids won’t take care […]

Your Cat Etiquette Guide: How to Help Your Cat Mind Her Manners at Holiday Parties

A carefully crafted holiday party guest list includes lots of different types of people. But what about your cat? Is she the social type who has never met a stranger she didn’t like? Or is she so shy that your friends don’t even know you have a cat? Is she a door dasher or a […]

Why Does My Pet… Get So Lumpy as He Ages? BY DR. PATTY KHULY VMD

It’s not pretty, but it’s a fact of life: We all get older. For some of our pets, that means often unsightly, suspicious and definitely disconcerting growths that arise on, in or just beneath the skin. Though often benign, these unwanted lumps and bumps are never cosmetically pleasing and may well represent problems that are […]

Your Dog’s Whining Decoded

Q. What does it mean when my dog whines — and how can I stop it? A. At my house we affectionately call our PugWilly Whiner. As a puppy, whenever he was tense, anxious or even excited, Willy whined. He whines less frequently now, because he has been trained not to, but when he does […]

Natural Chemistry De Flea Yard Spray Natural Kills Flea & Tick Shampoo for Dogs Natural Chemistry De Flea Yard Spray uses a powerful blend of natural oils to kill fleas and ticks on contact with a residual effect. Also use it to kill and repel mosquitoes, black flies, ants, roaches, scorpions, and a variety of other pests that pose a […]