Aspen Pet Indoor Heating Pad

  • Indoor heating pad with safety protection
  • Great for aging and arthritic pets
  • Chew proof cord

The Indoor Heating Pad provides 3 layers of protection for your pet: the chew proof cord and sturdy metal protector keep your pet from sinking its teeth into something it shouldn’t, the low, safe voltage ensures that your pet is never in any danger, and the fuse is located inside the pad for maximum insulation.

The pad contains a single circuit for a consistent temperature throughout, and will not cause electric shock.

The cord comes in 2 parts. The half directly connected to the bed (and closest to your pet) is non chewable. The paw-shaped controller acts as an adapter that connects to a standard power cord.

Pad cover is removable and machine washable.

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Aspen Pet Indoor Heating Pad provides soothing heat that’s ideal for aging and arthritic pets. This comfortable heated pad is the perfect way to keep your pets warm.┬áIt offers three layers of protection for your pet, including a chew proof cord and sturdy metal cord protector, a low, safe voltage and a fuse inside of pad. In addition, the power switch illuminates when the power is on.

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10" L x 16" W, 12" L x 24" W


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